1 1/4 oz Marca Negra Espadín
0.50 oz yellow lemon juice
0.75 oz eucalyptus infused honey
sparkling water
1 lemon slice
eucaliptus leaves

Gently muddle the lemon slice with the leaves and the honey, add the rest of ingredients, strain and pour in chilled short glass,
tap with 1/4 oz of sparkling water

Garnish: Eucalipus leaves in wood pick.


1.5 oz Marca Negra Espadín
0.75 oz Dawny or Madeira Port
0.75 oz ruby grapefruit juice
3 drops agave honey
1.5 ripe figs

Muddle 1 fig with the rest of ingredients, shake, double strain and pour on a coupette glass.

Garnish: Thin slice of fig


1.5 oz Marca Negra Espadín
0.75 oz lemon juice
0.75 honey or agave syrup (diluted)
3 rapsberries
1 egg white
chocolate or spicy bitters

Dry shake the egg white, add the muddled rapsberries with the rest of ingredients; shake. Pour on chilled glass, add bitters.

Garnish: Rapsberries and a flower